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Why Choose us?

We have opened our home based dog daycare in 2017 to follow a passion and love to be with dogs and the outdoors. We chose this property on 2502 Trim rd Ottawa, as it provided us with the perfect location, offering a 150 foot wide large outdoor exercise/play area on a 1 acre plot and a shaded indoor play area. 

When you drop off your dog with us the high energy dogs get an opportunity to burn off all of that energy, and the lower energy playful dogs get to play and rest with other dogs of their temperament.

Dogs are social animals who thrive on interaction and companionship with other animals as well as with people. Most dogs would prefer to be around other dogs instead of being home alone all day. Our younger dogs play tirelessly for hours and hours while our older pooches have fun just hanging out and watching everyone play. Even the shyest of dogs can learn social skills and make new friends at doggy daycare! 

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dogs inside getting petted by Francois owner

Our Mission

At Happy Paws Dog Daycare, our mission is to make sure your pet is happy, having fun and well-adjusted. We treat your pet as if it were our own by providing personalized attention and loving care all day long!

Daily Activities:

I ensure that your pet is safe and having a blast with his 4-legged friends during all-day supervised group play. Up to 10.5 hours of constant play will surely satisfy your pet and they will be nice and relaxed by the time you both are heading home in the evening! 


Each pet receives daily "QT" if they want it. Individual Quality Time includes belly rubbing, back and ear scratching, or whatever your pet loves the most!!! 


Upon your request, we can also provide periodic nap times for your pooch, giving him a rest from all of the constant activity and excitement. You may even find your dog curled up in a ball napping on the pillows or outside napping with a friend in the shade of our trees!


Francois and Wendy Hacault

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