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10-15 Minute Meet and Greet tour Free. [Weekdays at 5:30 pm, email to arrange]

Full Day Rates 

payment by e-transfer to:

Poppy waiting to go shopping for more dog toys for Happy Paws Dog Daycare Orleans, Ottawa K4A3R5

Single day             $36 Taxes included

5 Play Passes         $170 Taxes included

10 Play Passes        $317 Taxes included

Please note that unused passes expire 6 months after the last day of attendance.

up to 4 hours

single             $25 Taxes included

Late fee for pickup after 5:35pm is $11.30 for each part of 15 minutes thereafter.

Benefits For Your Dog

  • Physical Activity & Mental Stimulation

  • Safe place for socialization

  • Build Confidence

  • Help improve separation anxiety

  • Outlet for excess energy

  • Reduce boredom and destructive behaviour

  • Improve manners

Benefits For the Owner

  • Guilt Free! We understand that it can be difficult to leave your dog alone for the day.

  • Rest easy knowing they will never be alone at Happy Paws Dog Daycare.

  • Enjoy a tired, happy dog!

  • Save yourself from cold or mucky dog park days and walks.

  • Know your dog is having a ball by checking our Facebook page! We upload pictures 2-3 times a day!

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